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Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

Lucky Lemon

Lucky Lemon

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🍋 🍀I never recommend to eat candles, but this is by far the most tempting yet!

These beautiful Lemon Drop Cookie candles are here for a limited time and perfect for this time of year! 

A delightful and sweet concoction of lemon, sugar cookie and vanilla.

Early release client reviews:

"Smells Divine!"
COMMENTS: It smells just like those lemon creme sandwich cookies. I recommend this to everyone, especially food lovers. - Rhonda
"Want to eat this"
COMMENTS:  This has to be my all time favorite bakery fragrance. It smells so deliciously real and yummy I seriously had to hold back from licking the candle. - Janice
"Unique and Delicious!"
COMMENTS:  I absolutely would love to gift with this scent. Even people who don't love lemon love this scent as it's sweet, rich and citrus-y as well. It's a great blend of fruit and baked goods and I hope you never discontinue this scent as I would be heartbroken. - Cathleen
"The Best!"

COMMENTS:  This has to be the best lemon scent ever! It truly makes you hungry. I love this! - Kerri


Each Ebony & Ivory candle is a unique scent created for fragrancing the home. The candles are hand crafted in Canada using phthalate free fragrance oils, 100% soy wax and sustainable cotton wicks.  

Cotton Wick Candles:

  • Allow the candle to burn until wax melts out to all of the edges of the candle. This is so very important so your candle does not tunnel!
  • The recommended burn time is 1-2 hours per burn session. 
  • Avoid burning candle where there is a ceiling fan, air conditioner or breeze. This can affect the flame and make him potentially sad.
  • Ensure wick is trimmed to 1/4” after each burn session to prevent soot build up on containers. If you are seeing black soot, it's a clear indication to trim your wick.
  • Burn only on a stable heat resistant surface for no more than 2 hours at a time. 
  • Do not move candle while burning as container may be hot to touch.
  • Discontinue use when 1/2” wax remains at the bottom of the container. 

8 oz Candles - 40-50 hour approximate burn time.

16 oz Candles - 80-100 hour approximate burn time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This candle is sweet and fresh but the perfect amount of fragrance. I leave the room and come back and it hits me but it's not overpowering. And you can hang out in the room with it going and it's not too strong. It smells sooo good!!

The perfect subtle lemon scent

Lucky Lemon is becoming a new favourite of mine! It has the most delicious lemon scent without being too overwhelming.