10 Ways to Repurpose Empty Candle Jars

10 Ways to Repurpose Empty Candle Jars

If you are a candle lover like us, you know the struggle of having a cupboard filled with empty candle jars unsure of what to do with them. We applaud you if you are trying to hold onto the jars in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle. At Ebony and Ivory Candle Co. we want you to enjoy your candle forever, even when your candle is fully used up. To help you with repurposing your old empty candle jars we have come up with ten ways to repurpose your empty candle jars.

Before we start, let's make sure you know how to correctly empty your jar of wax. You should never allow your candle to burn after less than a centimeter of wax is left. Burning past this point could lead to the jar to crack and break from the heat. To remove that wax simply put your candle into the freezer overnight, this will make the candle wax condense and allow it to just pop out.

  1. Candle Refill kits- If you have just burnt through your favorite candle, don’t you fret. Ebony and Ivory Candle Co. has created the perfect candle refill kit filled with everything you need to make your own candle. Available scents include: Almost Famous, Berried in the Pines, Cozy Cottage, Hangover Heaven, Rich Bitch, and Sicilian Citrus. All of these fragrances are available for 8 oz and 16 oz candles. Each kit includes: scented candle wax, wick centering device, alcohol cleansing wipe, glue dots for wick, cotton wick(s), and burn labels. Candle refill kits are available online and in store at our Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Alberta store locations.
  2. Planter pots- Why go out and buy more planter pots when the perfect pot is already in your home. Fill your jar with soil and plant your seeds, or a cute little succulent. Candle jars are the perfect size to make a beautiful window garden. You don’t even need to get soil, plants such as carrots, celery, scallions, and lettuce can be regrown by simply placing the scraps in water.
  3. Desk organizing - Desk organization accessories can be really overpriced, so why not use what's already on your desk. Empty candle jars are the perfect desk organizer. 16 oz jars are the perfect size for pencils, pens, markers, and scissors. 8 oz jars can perfectly hold smaller items such as coins, erasers, measuring tape, and other small gadgets.
  4. Crystal Storage- Crystals are so much fun, whether you believe they have healing properties, or you just think they are pretty. Crystals are simply just a fun decoration to add to your home. If you are someone who enjoys Tired of losing your pretty rocks and crystals. Store them in a small jar to prevent you from losing them ever again. 
  5. Sneaky Candy Jar- If you are tired of people in your household stealing your candy, hide it in a place they will never look. Our candle jars are opaque meaning you can’t see through them, with the gold lid on top you would never know that there is anything other than a candle inside. Keep your candy safely stored in that discreet compartment.
  6. Jewelry Storage- Candle jars are the perfect size to store all of your valuable jewelry in a conveniently sized container. Jewelry boxes are really expensive and can take up a lot of room on your shelf. A simple jar can can keep them safe without taking up too much space
  7. Bathroom Storage - Jars are the perfect bathroom counter organizers for a million different things. Instead of leaving your toothbrush on the countertop or drawer, keep it in a safe container next to the sink. It’s not just great for toothbrushes, candle jars are perfect for cotton pads and Q-tips as well. The benefit of our candle jars is how chic and modern they are with a minimalist design. The jars will look good in any bathroom theme.
  8. Store leftover grease- If you are big into cooking, you have probably heard of all the ways you can use leftover bacon grease. If you didn’t know, bacon grease can be used instead of oil or butter to fry eggs and other breakfast foods. You can even make a bacon grease vinaigrette that you can drizzle on your salad. The bacon adds for a nice smoky flavor that you won’t find in most salad dressing. Candle jars are the perfect container to safely store bacon grease on your stove top.
  9. Cocktail glass- Ever thought about hosting an “anything but a cup” party? The rules of the party are simple, all the guests are to bring their own container to drink out of but it can’t be a cup. People will use things such as mason jars, vases, and even spray bottles. Candle jars are a great container for these types of parties. Candle jars are small and similar enough to a cup that you won't have to worry about spilling. Our Get Twisted candle is fragranced to smell just like hard iced tea. Leave the label on and trick your friends into thinking you are drinking the candle after putting a hard iced tea into the empty jar.
  10. Lip balm- Our 4oz candles come in these adorable metal tins that are perfect to make homemade lip balm. To make homemade lip balm all you will need is one tablespoon of melted soy wax, one tablespoon of shea butter, and two teaspoons of coconut oil. Melt and mix all of these ingredients together and add in your favorite essential oil. Pour into the metal tin and wait until it hardens before using.

Bonus: Dough bowls

We don’t just sell candles in jars, we also sell candles in dough bowls. Our dough bowl candles are a perfect rustic decoration. The dough bowls are available in many unique shapes. Maple leaf's and a bear inspired by Canada and its wildlife. Cow and boot shapes inspired by southern Alberta and its beautiful prairies and cowboy culture. These dough bowls can be used for many different things. As a candle or when it's empty it makes a fantastic centerpiece on the coffee table. Dough bowls are perfect for storing your things fashionably. 

Now you have ten ideas to help your home organization with empty candle jars. We hope you enjoyed these ideas, and that they have inspired you to open that cabinet and start putting those empty candle jars to use.


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