A Citrus Candle For Every Season

A Citrus Candle For Every Season

Join us on a journey that blends natures zest with cozy ambiance -  our citrus candle haven! Dive into a world of uplifting scents and warm glows as we explore the vibrant and refreshing allure of citrus-infused candles. From the zingy burst of lemon to the soothing notes of bergamot, embark with us in discovering how these candles can transform your space for any season!
Before we dive into some specific candles, let's chat all things citrus and it's amazing benefits. This versatile and very dynamic scent category can bring any desired atmosphere to your space. Citrus can invigorate and energize but can also be a great stress reliever. It can enhance focus and combat fatigue. It can calm anxiety and bring a fresh light-heartedness to a room and because of all these positive qualities, we use it abundantly in our hand crafted candles!
Citrus is seasonally very transitional as well! Citrus scents are versatile year round, whether it's the zest of summer or the warmth of winter, citrus candles bring a timeless and inviting aroma to your home.
So let's get down to the specifics now!  Below we've listed some of our favourite citrus based candles that are just waiting to be burned in your own space!


Sicilian Citrus

sicilian citrus soy candle

I always tell everyone who comes into the store...THIS is thee ultimate kitchen and/or bathroom candle. Toroccan blood orange intermingles perfectly with citrus lime and grapefruit peel and the sweet notes of bergamot. This candle has been around from the beginning and will stay for an eternity because it is a must have in every home. This is also a 'top gifting' scent especially if you are looking for the perfect gift for a new home buyer!

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Stairway To Lemon
stair way to lemon soy candle
Scented with saint-like lemons, sweet mandarin & sugared limes! Citrusy, sweet & holier than thou. There's a reason why we make it in so many different products. This scent is absolutely addicting! Available in soy candles, all purpose cleaner, foaming hand soap, tea lights and more.
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Good Vibes
good vibes pomegranate marshmallow soy candle
It's not everyday you get to enjoy the fun blend of crisp pomegranate and perfectly fluffed marshmallows! This is a year round favourite but especially in the winter months this candle is the ultimate 'pick-me-up'. And trust us, you don't want to miss out on the delightful combination of tangy pomegranate and fluffy marshmallows! This candle is like a little burst of joy, perfect for any time of year.
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Bougie Berg
Bougie Berg bergamot scented soy candle
I'm going to say this in secret because a candle mom is never suppose to have a 'favourite'. BUT, I must say, Bougie Berg is my favourite citrus candle. It is calm, yet uplifting. It is classy & sophisticated yet playful and I absolutely cannot get enough of it.  Kick up your life with this 'upper class' bergamot and revel in its refreshing citrus tones. Definitely far from basic with its sparkling bergamot, sugared citrus & a hint of creamy sandalwood. This candle is for you 😘
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noel christmas citrus soy candle candid
Of course we need to touch base for the perfect citrus candle during the Christmas season. And that is where we bring you our magical candle Noel.

It should be first stated that in my family I am known as 'The Queen of Christmas'. My younger years as a little girl I was known for running around in Christmas stockings and begging my mother to always decorate for the season the day after Halloween. Today I am still that little girl, but even more obsessed. My daughter Noelle was my pure inspiration behind this 8 month journey in creating. Her kindness, compassion, pureness and of course 'sparkle' is all felt in this delicate candle.

This candle is a pure, elegant, cozy & sparkling version of Christmas all bottled up beautifully into an all natural candle. The scent is only half of what makes this candle a must for the holidays. Freshly harvested cedar & fir needle to give that cozy warm undertone, spicy cinnamon & clove to awaken your holiday spirit, and sprinkled ever so elegantly with sparkling orange and lemon.

It's not your typical Christmas candle, because this truly sparkles the moment your senses begin to register all of its magic. To top this off, it comes custom packaged in a deep red glass jar with stunning gold embossed labels.

It is only available during the holiday season so make sure to snag one while you can.

As we bid farewell, remember that life is too short for dull aromas! Let your space dance with the zesty symphony of citrus-scented candles, where every flicker tells a tale of freshness and every whiff is a burst of pure joy.

Go ahead and ignite your citrus soul!

xoxo b



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