Candle Safety 101: Tips for Enjoying Your Favourite Scents Responsibly

Candle Safety 101: Tips for Enjoying Your Favourite Scents Responsibly

Candles are a great way to distribute great fragrances and uplift spirits, but they do require fire and should not be used neglectfully. It's important to take proper care of your candle to prevent any accidents from occurring. At Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. we are dedicated to teaching you the correct techniques to safely use your candle and providing you with the proper tools to take care of your candle.

One of the first steps taught with candle care is trimming your wick. Trimming your wick helps provide a clean burn and increases the lifespan of your soy candle. Trimming your wick also helps prevent the flame from growing too tall and becoming a safety hazard. Make sure you trim your wick about a quarter of an inch from the wax for almost every burn. Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. sells quality  wick trimmers online and instore at Lethbridge Alberta and Medicine Hat Alberta locations.

Another candle safety tip is to not burn all of the wax in the candle.  When there is only half an inch of wax left in your candle, that candle is done, do not burn it all the way to the bottom. If a candle burns all the way to the bottom the jar will get too hot and crack or break. In some cases it could even explode. Instead of throwing out your candle, you can wait until the wax solidifies and then put the candle in the freezer for half an hour. This will allow for the rest of the wax to pop out and can be put into a wax melter. The empty jar can be used as a plant jar, be recycled, or you can refill it with one of our candle refill kits allowing you to sustainably re use your candle.

It is extremely important that you never leave your candle burning in another room, you should always have your candle burning in sight. This prevents accidents from happening. Whether it’s a naughty pet, young children, or just something falling off the shelf, there are many factors that could happen when you aren’t watching. If you are wanting to enjoy your candle, make sure you have time to burn it for at least an hour. You want to make sure you let the candle burn long enough to allow for the wax to melt all the way to the edges. By doing this it prevents the candle from tunnelling. Tunnelling occurs when the candle is extinguished too soon and leaves a burn circle in the wax, the next time that candle is lit the wax will only melt as far as that burn circle creating a wax tunnel. When burning your candle make sure you are putting it on a plate or a heat safe surface. This protects the table or countertop that the candle is placed on, and prevents any heat damage from occurring. Ebony & Ivory has candle trays available online and instore at Lethbridge Alberta and Medicine Hat Alberta locations.

 If you are too busy to have a candle burning, or are worried about burning a candle with small children around, a great alternative is candle warmers. Candle lamp warmers melt the wax of your candle without the flame. This allows for you to enjoy the great fragrance of our soy candles safely and without worry. We have candle lamp warmers available at Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. only in store at our Lethbridge, Alberta and Medicine Hat, Alberta locations.

Now you are an expert and can safely burn your candle stress free. All these candle safety products are available at our Ebony and Ivory Candle Co. Lethbridge Alberta store located in Park Place Mall and Medicine Hat Alberta store located in Medicine Hat Mall. All of our staff are qualified and knowledgeable in candle safety and can help answer any other questions you have. 


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