Freshly Brewed Bliss: Cure your craving with our Hazelnut Coffee candle!

Freshly Brewed Bliss: Cure your craving with our Hazelnut Coffee candle!

One cup or two? Fuel your day with the rich indulgence of our freshly brewed hazelnut coffee soy candle! Located in sweet southern Alberta, Lethbridge to be exact, we candle-baristas love making these nostalgic coffee candles! From the very beginning stages of our candles we hand craft each and every single one. These expertly crafted candles are all wicked, mixed and poured with precision by us!

Just like a perfect cup of coffee, we source all of our ingredients from only the best. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, this makes them not only clean burning and sustainable, but it also makes your candle last a very long time! For example our lovely 8 oz candle will burn for 40-50 hours! That is almost double that of a paraffin wax candle! 

Sometimes in life, less is more. You want to keep things as natural as they can be because getting back to basics can be not only refreshing but healthy as well. So we went one step further and actually eliminated phthalate's from not only this candle but in everything that we create. Phthalates are petroleum by-products that are known to be carcinogenic. It is astonishing that they are even allowed on the market given this fact. However, rest assured that our candles ensure a worry-free home and air quality.

Our Hazelnut Coffee soy candle will make everyone think you just brewed a fresh pot of the real thing. Fuel your adventurous spirit with this daring candle that bursts with the intense aroma of bold, medium roast coffee and a touch of toasted hazelnut. Indulge in the creamy, vanilla undertones that elevate the nutty coffee scent and provide a sweet, creamy finish.

There's a reason that this candle is one of our most ever re-ordered customer favourites! Hazelnut Coffee fits in any space, any time of year. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a cute little café, or sitting in with a book, your laptop, or some good company. Conquer Mondays like a boss with this absolutely lit product!

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