How to Pick the Perfect Scent for Every Room

How to Pick the Perfect Scent for Every Room

Home is where the heart is, and at Ebony and Ivory Candle Co. we take pride in making sure your home smells scent-sational. Candles are the perfect accessory to make any house a home, but certain scents can fit better in specific rooms. Your entryway needs to have a warm and inviting scent, to make sure your home feels just as comforting for you and your guests. The kitchen benefits from having a scent that can help get rid of food odour, instead of mixing in and creating a weird smell. The bathroom should have something relaxing to allow you to ease your mind while getting ready for bed. We have come up with the perfect guide to help plan out your candle placements throughout the home. We want to make sure every corner of your house smells amazing.


There is no better welcome for your houseguests than having them be greeted by a welcoming aroma. Scent tells a story and is what makes a house a home. You never want someone to walk into your house and smell dust or other smells. Using a scented candle can help ease your guest to feel more comfortable inside your home. Scenting your home to the smell of baking is one of the warmest welcomes you can give them. When someone walks into a house and it smells of home baking it triggers their mind to release dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin which are brain chemicals that provide mood boosting properties. Our Humble Abode luxury soy candle is sure to make your guests feel at home. It is scented with snickerdoodle cookies, cupcakes and warm vanilla brown sugar. It is all the best scents wrapped in a warm welcoming hug in the shape of a candle. If you burn this candle in your entryway, it is sure to be a hit. Be careful though, this candle is so good it might make your guests hungry.


Kitchens are the heart of the home, it's where everyone comes together to cook and enjoy a meal together. With all the cooking, food odors are bound to happen, it's just the way it goes. To mask out those stinky smells, citrus fragrance is the way to go. We have two luxury soy candles that contain citrus and are perfect for the kitchen. Sicilian Citrus luxury soy candle is a mélange of orange peel, lemon peel, lemon, and mandarin blend to create a citrusy orange aroma, accompanied by vetiver and cedar green undertones. Bergamot and a hint of grapefruit make the fresh scent ideal for the kitchen. If you are more of a lemon fan, and maybe a Led Zeppelin fan as well, Stairway to Lemon is a perfect match for you. We really can't get over how perfect this candle turned out. Scented with saint-like lemons, sweet mandarin & sugared limes! Citrusy, sweet & holier than thou. For the kitchen we recommend that you use a 16 oz, to make sure the scent covers the whole room.


After a long week, there is nothing better than running a bath and relaxing. A great smelling candle can help take you to a deep state of relaxation. We have a couple candles that will do just the trick. NOX is from our wizarding collection and is a perfect blend of tingly peppermint and cooling eucalyptus. Kick up your life with Bougie Berg, this 'upper class' bergamot and revel in its refreshing citrus tones. Definitely far from basic with its sparkling bergamot, sugared citrus and a hint of creamy sandalwood. Finally La Di Da Spa is the perfect soy candle for your bathroom, invokes the feeling of relaxation. Citrus accords with fresh marine are blended with a tiny bit of flowers, lemongrass and musk. Feel like you're at the spa without the hefty bill. La Di Da Spa is also available as one of our luxx bath bombs. For these candles we recommend you use our 8 oz candles in the bathroom as they are smaller and more convenient for the bathroom counter.
You can find all of these luxury soy candles online and in store at our Lethbridge Alberta store located in Park Place Mall, and our Medicine Hat store located in Medicine Hat Mall.
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