Me, Myself & Brianne

Me, Myself & Brianne

This is my first blog post but it may also be my longest. I'm going to assume that your first blog or CLOG (candle log) should be an introduction to the person behind the brand. Ok so here it goes, wish me luck...

Name: Brianne Edwardson

Height: 5'4"

Hair & Eyes: Brown

Home town: Well I would say that Foremost, AB is my home town as that's where I grew up in a tiny community of 500 people, but originally I am from Montana. Now, I reside in Lethbridge, AB and have for 13 years. Yikes.

Favourite food: Cookies

So that about sums me up personally. Other than that I think it's time to get to the nitty gritty. Most importantly I am a mom of two young girls. These girls are my world. Noelle is my oldest and Zaria is my youngest. I actually named my company after them because Noelle is my fair skin, blue eyed blonde and Zaria is my brown eyed brunette. Hence, Ebony & Ivory. These girls could not be more polar opposites when it comes to both looks and personalities. They definitely keep me on my toes. 

My next tid bit, I am a wife to one amazing husband. This guy is truly outstanding, mostly because he not only tolerates me but encourages me! He is like my biggest cheerleader and hot damn is he good lookin. He is 100% my soul mate and trust me, I know how lucky I am! The hard thing though is that he works away from home... for all of you that can relate to this situation, I respect you. This is a life that we have always known but with it comes a whole different set of challenges. Typically he works 30 days in and 30 days out, but he has been known to do 4 month stretches. But I will save that for another days post. 

Together my husband and I run multiple companies (again more details later) but I will say that this particular adventure is hands down one of my fav. One of the biggest reasons is that I truly feel like I am doing this purely for all the right reasons. Its fun, I love it, and what you see is all me. I don't hold back, well maybe I censor a bit of unnecessary profanity, but aside from that I feel totally comfortable sharing me with you. I have no 'agenda' so to say with this company and it is naturally progressing and growing all on its' own! No pressure, just fun.

The company it self started very organically with a simple thought and desire and now with all of your love and support it has just bloomed. So to cut this chatter off before someone falls asleep, I want to just leave you with this...

Thank you, from the bottom of my soul. Thank you for encouraging and supporting my dream and vision and I love that we are on this adventure together...


XOXO Brianne Edwardson



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