Ray of F*cking Sunshine

Ray of F*cking Sunshine

Summer is coming to southern Alberta here in Canada and we can’t wait any longer, we are daydreaming of laying outside soaking up that sunshine. We can’t think of a better way to welcome the sunshine season than burning our #1 SUMMER FRAGRANCE soy candle. Ray of F*cking Sunshine is the perfect fragrance and our number one summer soy candle to help you kick start the warm sunny days!

Ray of F*cking Sunshine smells similar to Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil! Say 'Aloha' to warmer weather with this island scented candle! Sweet sugared coconut with light fruity undertones make this smell just like Hawaiian Tropic! Feel like you're vacationing on a tropical island every time you light this natural candle! Enjoy the sweet and fruity scent of Hawaiian Tropic without having to leave your home. Elevate your candle game and create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will transport you to paradise.

We hand make our candles in Lethbridge Alberta with 100% natural soy wax making it a clean burning experience. The soy is long lasting compared to paraffin wax, allowing you to enjoy your summer scented soy candle for longer. Our 8 oz soy candles will burn 40 - 50 hours, and 16 oz will burn 80 -100 hours.

We have added environmentally friendly polyester sparkles to bring in a little extra sunshine to these beautiful soy candles. The gold sparkles that are placed on top of the candle are polyester and environmentally friendly compared to regular plastic glitter. Regular glitter is full of microplastics and toxins that are harmful to the environment and humans. Regular craft glitters are not solvent meaning they are not safe for the environment. Solvent materials can break down and dissolve. Polyester sparkles are solvent and safe for the environment and humans. Polyester sparkles can also tolerate higher temperatures compared to regular glitter and are UV and water safe, making the added glitter on the candle a safe and healthy burning experience. Polyester glitter has a better coverage in comparison to craft glitter, and the sparkle will never fade. We never want our candles to be harmful to burn for you or the environment so we make sure our candles are safe for everyone. This soy candle is scented with sweet coconut and fruity undertones, this fragrance smells like  Hawaiian tropic tanning oil. This fragrance will transport you from the Southern Alberta prairies to a sandy beach in Hawaii.

This fragrance is available in three different candle size options, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 64 oz. This fragrance is also available as a hand soap, taking you to the tropics every time you wash your hands.

Ray of F*cking Sunshine is perfect for BBQs, and patio parties. It is an excellent gift for a summer-loving person in your life or anyone who loves coconuts, or who just loves anything that sparkles. Scent sets the mood and tone for any environment, and lighting this candle during the first BBQ of the season reminds you and your friends that summer is finally here!

We are well aware that Ray of F*cking Sunshine is a hilarious name for a candle. The name suggestion “Ray of F*cking Sunshine” was submitted by one of our supportive Canadian clients in a contest. It was publicly voted in and now Ray of F*cking Sunshine is our number one summer candle. It encapsulates the warm sunshine of summer into a beautiful shimmering candle fragrance. Ray of F*cking Sunshine soy candle and handwash launches May 30th, 2024 online and in-store at our Lethbridge Park Place Mall and Medicine Hat Mall Alberta locations, just in time for summertime.

sunny regards,

Ebony and Ivory Candle Co.

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