Recipe for DIY quick fix eye & face mask!

Recipe for DIY quick fix eye & face mask!

First off, I am not a professional 'mask maker' so lets keep the FDA out of this and just pretend for a moment that doing something yourself with minimal but effective ingredients is totally the way to go (because it is).
I do this mask on a regular basis because IT WORKS! 
And here is WHY!
Caffeine can work miracles when used topically so here are some of the benefits...
  -it's an amazing anti-inflammatory (so yes if you are swollen or have lovely eye bags, this ingredient is what you neeeeeed) Also, if you have any redness it can help calm that down!
  -It's antioxidants help fight free radicals which in turn helps with pre-mature skin aging...sweet I know!
  -It can help repair UV damage! Jackpot! Studies have found that caffeine may also repair damage caused by UV rays!
Honey is going to help with the texture and 'spreadability' (if thats a word) of our mask! But honey is pretty bad ass for the skin and here's why!
-Naturally honey is an antibacterial...sooo if your skin is prone to break outs, this bad boy needs to get on your skin!
-Raw honey is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural enzymes that literally can nourish your skin from the outside in!
-Honey is also known for being a 'wound healer' so for problematic skin that needs a little TLC this is where it's at!
We are going to add in some green tea to really pack in those anti-oxidants and make this mask nice and scary to wear around 

I lifted this image from
because I feel like they explained all the wicked awesomeness of green tea way better than I ever could've! 

So let's get mixing!!!!

Here's your recipe for the perfect DIY mask that will help with all your skin woes!

  • 1 tbsp of FRESH coffee beans, ground up super fine!!
  • 1 tbsp of green tea leaves OR Matcha powder
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey
  • 1-3 tbsp of warm water to create a perfect mushy, spreadable consistency

Now here is the fun part, mix it ALL up and smear it on! I use my foundation brush to apply my masks as you should always avoid using your hands and fingers! The simple reason is that when we use our fingers for application of products you will stretch and pull your skin too much and create So even when applying your makeup, moisturizers, and masks avoid using your hands.

Try to leave your mask on for a minimum of 15 mins, but I've left mine on for over an hour before! Gently rinse off with warm water and enjoy the feel and look of your refreshed skin! 


*A little side note, to make your mask and all of its precious ingredients absorb better into your skin, I do a facial scrub prior to this and your skin will love you for it! 

** One more side note DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB this coffee into your skin! Never use a coffee or salt scrub on your face as it can be extremely damaging


Enjoy this so dang much everyone!! 


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