Seriously F*ck Off: The Perfect Citronella Candle to Take Care of Unwanted Summer Pests.

Seriously F*ck Off: The Perfect Citronella Candle to Take Care of Unwanted Summer Pests.

 When summer finally comes to Canada after a long and brutal winter, everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine. In southern Alberta, summer is when we can have BBQs, go camping, or have a patio party with friends, unfortunately the nasty bugs come to join in on our fun uninvited. There are lots of toxic pesticides on the market but sometimes they don't always work, or they smell bad and repel you from enjoying your summer day. Luckily we have created a fragrance available as a natural bug repellent soy candle and spray that will take care of pests while smelling terrific. Named after the phrase you say when you keep getting bit by mosquitos, "Seriously F*ck Off!".

 With ingredients specially chosen to make the candle burning experience pleasant while tackling pests all at once. The natural bug repellent soy candle and spray are scented with strong citronella, fresh lemongrass, soothing lavender, woodsy cedar, and black pepper.

Black pepper is an effective natural bug repellent ingredient, commonly used in soil to prevent pests from attacking garden plants. All these naturally scented ingredients are capable of turning mosquitos, gnats, flies, fruit flies, moths, ticks, and spiders away from your relaxing summer day. Like the rest of our candles, this candle is made with 100% all-natural soy to make it a clean burning experience.

Citronella is a great smelling and effective natural bug repellent ingredient. The fragrance masks out any insect tempting scents in the area, making it difficult for insects like mosquitos to mark their prey. Citronella is more than just a natural bug repellent, its aroma has many health benefits as well. Its aroma can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria floating in the air. It has relaxing properties that can help with can help ease the body and a negative state of mind. It is also known for reducing muscle spasm, relieve headaches, and improve ones energy.

Many harmful bug repellents contain an ingredient called DEET. DEET is an effective bug repellent but the health risks with being exposed to DEET is far too severe. DEET when exposed to the skin can cause irritation, redness, swelling and rashes. If DEET is ingested it can cause a lot of stomach issues including nausea and vomiting. There have also been a few reports of people exposed to DEET and the ingredient causing a seizure. Seriously F*ck Off soy candle is an all natural bug repellent and does not contain any DEET so you can burn your soy candle with peace in mind .

 Seriously F*ck Off soy candle is perfect for inside your house if you're trying to eliminate fruit flies from the kitchen, or keeping away creepy crawly spiders. This natural bug repellent citronella soy candle is perfect for burning outside and preventing pesky mosquitoes from taking a bite out of you. Whether you are camping at one of Alberta’s beautiful National parks, having a classic Canadian barbeque, or enjoying the hot Canadian summer on your patio. This 100% natural bug repellent soy citronella candle can be burned anywhere inside or outside the house.

 Seriously F*ck Off soy candle only comes as a 16 oz candle for the best effectiveness of warring off pests. This candle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the summer sunshine but cannot stand insects who try to join in on the fun. If you want this mosquito fighter but are a summer traveler who needs something more compact that can fit in your pocket, Seriously F*ck Off fragrance also comes in a natural bug repellent 4 oz spray bottle that can be taken anywhere. If you are a Canadian camper who both goes on rocky mountain hikes and hangs out by the campfire, we can help with that. The fragrance, Seriously F*ck Off, is available as a natural bug repellent soy candle and spray bundle as well to provide for all your outdoorsy needs.

Seriously F*ck Off citronella soy candle and spray will be available starting May 2nd online and in-store.

We can't wait for you to snag this life saver!


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