Speak Easy: A luxury candle with a masculine side

Speak Easy: A luxury candle with a masculine side

 Transport yourself to a hidden club in 1920 Canada, with live Jazz music playing in the background, and where the scent of pipe tobacco and hand crafted cocktails are swirling through the atmosphere. Close your eyes and imagine yourself. This luxury soy candle is a luscious fragrance perfectly paired with a sophisticated beverage. Our candles are made with safe and sustainable ingredients, with 100% soy wax making for a clean, non-toxic burning experience. The soy wax will burn double the time compared to paraffin wax, with our 8 oz candles lasting for 30 - 40 hours.

 Handcrafted in Lethbridge Alberta with a base of masculine notes, Speak Easy luxury artisan candle is surprisingly smooth yet sweet. The scent of vanilla is proven to help promote relaxation and the scent of tobacco is capable of reducing stress levels and anxiety. The fusion of tobacco and vanilla creates a smoky, seductive, and sweet fragrance. This non-toxic luxury soy candle will provide you with a bliss of relaxation. 

  All of our luxury soy candles and products are made locally in Lethbridge Alberta with 100% sustainable and safe ingredients. All of our products are phthalate free, helping to ensure your home maintains healthy air quality. Fused with rich pipe tobacco and freshly harvested Madagascar vanilla, this luxury non-toxic candle is certain to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. creates a warm cozy and intimate ambiance when burning this candle. Dim the lights and make yourself a drink, and enjoy this beautiful luxury candle in the way it was meant to be enjoyed. This sweet yet sophisticated soy candle will turn your room into a place of secret luxury.

 This luxury soy candle comes in a 4 oz tin, 8 oz jar, 16 oz jar,  64 oz big booty and as a tealight set of ten.  Available online and at our Lethbridge Alberta store located in Park Place Mall,  and our Medicine Hat store located in Medicine Hat Mall. You can bring this candle home and turn your next dinner party into a hidden club for the upper class.

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