Up Your Candle Game: Candle Accessories

Up Your Candle Game: Candle Accessories

Your candles deserve to live a long life, and we are here to help you get the most of your luxury candles. The right candle tools, like wick trimmers, rechargeable lighters, and more, will help you care for your candle and help it last longer. Keep reading to find the secret to longer luxury.

Wick Trimmers

It may seem counterintuitive up front, but trimming your candle wick actually makes it last longer and burn cleaner. Think: no extra wick means no useless wick burning. If you're into our candles because they are vegan, 100% soy and clean-burning, it's essential that you get the Lux Candle Trimmer. It's a pretty stark difference between using a candle accessory versus not. Your candle wick should be kept at ¼" for the best burn and to preserve the candle's life. Plus, the way these trimmers are designed, it will catch the trimmings from your wick. Win-win!

Wick Dipper

It's a life-changer right here. No more "burnt" smell when you blow out your candle. Using our wick dipper, you'll avoid that stinky smell of the smoke you get after blowing out your candle. We love this, mainly because we think it's so tragic to undo all of the beautiful work the candle has done in your home to produce a charming smell—just to end up smelling like you don't know how to cook in one second. When you're ready to elongate the pleasant aromas of your Ebony & Ivory candles, pick up one of these candle accessories.

Rechargeable Lighters

Again, with that burnt smell, it starts at the match. Get rid of it! Get a rechargeable lighter. We know our customers value the fact that our candles are vegan and planet-friendly, which is why we think a rechargeable lighter should always be in use in the home. Matches and fuel lighters aren't the best for our planet, and if you are going out of your way for planet-friendly candles, I think a Lux Rechargeable Lighter is in order. And, unless you have those insanely long matches, there's no way a standard match or fuel lighter will be able to reach the wick till the very end of its life. Just saying.

Care for Your Candles Like You Do Yourself

Well… That may be an exaggeration. But caring for your candles is a good idea. Increase your burn time, the amount of wax left untouched at the top, and actually be able to reach the wick when you're halfway through your candle when you package up on candle accessories. We're serious; it makes a difference. With a small business like ours, you know that we care about what you think. Feel free to send us a message about questions or concerns!

P.S. Do you burn through candles quickly? Try our candle subscription boxes. You'll never be without a candle again.

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