Ways to Stop Your Burnout Using Candles

Ways to Stop Your Burnout Using Candles

We may only be a few months into the year, but many of us are already feeling the presence of burnout creeping slowly around the corner. If you found this blog through a quick internet search, you’re probably someone who has a love for candles and is feeling this exact sensation—or maybe worse. Below, we are going to try to help you recover from burnout using a few simple candle-centered tricks. So grab your candles and a lighter, and keep reading.

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#1: Set A Candle-Burning Event in Your Calendar

Block off time in your calendar that is untouchable. We don’t mean, “Think about how you want to burn more candles.” We mean, take your phone out and block off time in your calendar that no one can book over. Protect that time with your life. You can block off just an hour or, if you’re really committed, block off two or three hours. Make it repeat every week. This time should not include travel time. You should be at home with your candle when the time hits.

#2: Light Your Candle

Once you light the candle, this is your intentional you-time. Read a book, repot your plants, bake bread. But—this is the key—it must be something that brings you joy. If repotting your plants is a chore, do not do it. If you are planning on reading for schoolwork, do not do it. Find something that brings you joy that is not mindlessly scrolling on social media (If you’re interested in extra dopamine, do something that involves your hands, like knitting or watercolours). What brings you joy?

#3: Stay There Until the Wax Ring Touches the Sides

Whatever activity you choose, continue to work at it (or switch to another if you get frustrated) until a layer of melted wax covers the top of the candle. The whole top layer of the parameter of the jar should be melted. This process should take about an hour. When the whole top layer is melted, you may blow out your candle and do something else. Or, you may choose to stay there a little while longer.

#4: Make it A Routine

This you-time needs to happen at least once a week. For especially strong cases of burnout, we would recommend taking this time at least twice a week. This intentional time set aside for you to participate in a calming routine that invests in yourself can help you recover from feeling burnt out, no matter what is causing the burnout.

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