What to Do with Mostly-Burned Candles

What to Do with Mostly-Burned Candles

Candles are what is at the crossroads of luxury and relaxation. But what do you do with your candle after you get to the impossible-to-burn last inch of wax? You invested time and energy (and your hard-earned cash) to pick this lovely candle that you cherished. What do you do now?

If your favourite candle whose death you are mourning is a candle from Ebony & Ivory Candle Co., we have our top scents available in candle refill kits. Easy enough that an eight-year-old would easily craft their own candle, our candle refill kits can turn your decimated candle graveyard into renewed candles in your favourite scent. Let’s walk through a step-by-step.

Grab your waxy candle jar

Having the right size container is important. Our candle refill kits come in 8 oz and 16 oz wax quantities, and you don’t want to lose out on extra burn time because the jar overflows or because it’s too wide to melt all the wax. Reusing your Ebony & Ivory candle jar is the perfect solution.

If you use something else, remember that it must be heat-tempered.

Boil some water and pour it into the jar

You’ll want to bring some water to a boil and pour it into the jar to help re-melt any remaining wax that the wick wasn’t able to reach before it burned out. It will melt the wax and bring it to the surface. Depending on how much was not burnable, you can sometimes get a solid layer of wax floating at the top.

Let the water cool, and take out the wax from the surface

After the water cools and the wax hardens, remove it with your hands and thoroughly wash the container. We provide an alcohol wipe that will allow you to remove any remaining residue. When your jar is clean and dry, you are ready to make a candle.

Optional: Combine the remaining wax with your new wax

If you are refilling one of our candles with the same scent (or maybe you’re feeling experimental), you can cut the removed wax into chunks and combine it with the provided wax.

If you are combining different scents or wax types, please do your research before proceeding.

Prep your candle for waxing

The candle refill kit comes with a wick centering device that will help you with correctly applying your wicks. Little glue dots will keep it in place while you pour the melted wax.

Melt the wax cubes

In a microwave safe container, heat the wax cubes at increments of 30 seconds until it is completely melted. Stir in between to promote even melting—be careful! It’s hot. Please keep a watchful eye on the wax to ensure it does not overcook.

Pour and let it cure

Carefully pour the melted wax into your prepped container, avoiding the top half of the wick and the wooden centering device as much as possible. Drips are okay! Once it is filled, leave your candle to completely cure over 24 hours. Remember to keep the wick centering device on during this time.

Trim the wick and enjoy!

After a day of curing, you can use a wick trimmer or scissors to clip the wick to ¼ inch above the wax. This act will help to promote an even burn for better results.

We hope you enjoy your candles as much as we (and now you) love making them! Please contact us with any questions you have.

Live, laugh, love, etc,

Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

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