Collection: Leo

Leo July 23rd - August 22nd

Leo's would be drawn to our "Apple Cider" candle with its rich blend of spiced apples and mulled cider. It compliments their vibrant and energetic nature. The warm and invigorating scent resonates with a Leo's passion, creating an atmosphere that mirrors their fiery personality, making this a great choice for any Leo in your life!

"Chill'n Vanill'n, infused with the most soothing vanilla, caters to a Leo's desire for luxury and comfort. This candle offers a calming ambiance that aligns with Leo's need for relaxation amid their busy lifestyle. 

For a Leo seeking a unique and cozy candle, our "Toasted" candle, featuring a blend of a smokey fire, warm woods, and toasted marshmallows, would be perfect. This scent provides a balance of warmth and nostalgia, creating an environment where a Leo can unwind while still embracing their playful side