Collection: Taurus

Taurus April 20th - May 20th

Taurus' are known for their love of comfort and "Cozy Cottage" would draw them in instantly. The frozen pine brings a touch of the outdoors, invoking a sense of grounding - a perfect match for a Taurus' earthy nature. The blend of spices adds warmth and familiarity, while the sweet undertones of the vanilla brown sugar appeal to a Taurus'  appreciation for indulgence and cozy environments

For the Taurus seeking out a bit of luxury, "Rich Bitch would make the best choice. The blend of bergamot provides a sophisticated citrus note, complimented by the smokey orange accords and precious oud, creating an opulent and sensual ambiance. Taurus' who value the finer things in life will appreciate the rich complexity of this candle

Taurus' looking to explore their more sensual side may find "One Night Stand" to be a little intriguing. The combination of mahogany and freshly picked apples offers a tantalizing contrast-mahogany's deep, woody notes evoke a sense of mystery, while the crisp apples add a hint of sweet freshness. This combination creates an alluring scent, appealing to a Taurus' desire for more captivating experiences