Collection: Virgo

Virgo August 23rd - September 22nd

Virgos are drawn to precision and tranquility, making "La Di Da Spa" an ideal choice. The blend of citrus, marine notes, flowers, and lemongrass creates a harmonious fragrance, catering to a Virgo's appreciation for a well-balanced and calming environment. The crisp citrus and lemongrass offer invigorating freshness, while the floral and marine undertones add a soothing touch that aligns perfectly with a Virgo's love for order and serenity

For Virgos seeking a refreshing twist, "Big Sky," with its blend of raspberries, fresh mountain mint, juicy nectarine, and amber, is a a perfect match for you. The vibrant raspberry and nectarine notes bring a burst of energy, all while the mint provides a cool and clear vibe, resonating with a Virgo's inclination towards clarity and refinement. The subtle warmth of the amber adds a slight grounding element, creating a sensory experience that aligns with a Virgo's desire for precision