Collection: Libra

Libra September 23rd - October 22nd

Libras are known for their appreciation of balance and harmony, which is why we think they would love "Berried in the Pines." With it's unique blend of forest pine trees, and sweet huckleberry, the tartness of the huckleberry provides a delicate contrast to the grounding aroma of pine to create a well balanced aroma that aligns with a Libras love for equilibrium and beauty.

"Mountain Fir," scented with fresh Fraser fir trees, would resonate with Libras as it brings out the crisp and refreshing scent of the outdoors into their space. The natural essence of the fir tree aligns with a Libra's connection with nature, and desire for a peaceful and well-rounded ambiance.

For a Libra seeking a harmonious blend, "Beth" offers a perfect combination if wild flathead cherry, cedar wood, and amber. The sweet and fruity notes of wild cherry compliments the earthy and warm tones of cedar and amber, creating a fragrance that embodies a Libra's desire for elegance and balance