A Winter Mood Aesthetic: Planet-Friendly Soy Candles

A Winter Mood Aesthetic: Planet-Friendly Soy Candles


The edge of the tub is lined with elegant soy candle mini tins, casting flickering flames on the walls. The hot water melts away the inner chill, leaving you with no emotions but bliss.

Or, after a long day at work, you break out your Apple Cider soy candle you love and light it. A glass of wine, takeout, and your favourite show. It’s snowing lightly outside as the sun sets.

Or something else that makes your winter days feel relaxing. But what I do know is that candles will set the mood this winter. The act of lighting a clean-burning soy candle can bring a dark evening this winter from “tasks I need to get done” to “adulting at its finest.”

Elevate your evenings-in by completing your dinnertime with a Cozy Cottage candle. Accompany the savoury scents coming from your kitchen with frozen pine and soft vanilla. Now it's not just a chore, it's a romantic evening.

Bring a new level to your book with enchanting notes of aged tobacco and exotic vanilla bean. This candle will have you cozied up real quick!

Feeling frisky and having a special someone over for the evening (wink wink)? Our One Night Stand candle will have you & them falling head over heels with the scent of rich mahogany & crisp apples.

At Ebony & Ivory Candle Co., we believe in making our days luxurious during the winter, because we know that with winter comes less sun, which means less serotonin. That one vitamin is necessary to keeping our happy levels up, so now we need to find little things that make us happy. Candles make all of us at Ebony & Ivory happy, and we are willing to bet it'll raise your serotonin level. I mean, can you say you've gone a winter without lighting a candle? We definitely can't!

And you know what will help you feel more happy when lighting your soy candle? Knowing it’s planet-friendly and allergy-friendly.

The soy wax that we use at Ebony & Ivory is clean-burning, and really 100% soy (Far better for those days cooped up indoors). Let’s be real: those soy-blend candles you see in the grocery store? Not made with an equal amount of paraffin and soy wax. They may have just enough soy wax to legally call it a soy blend, but it usually still contains the petroleum byproducts that many people react to—because it’s not an ingredient that we should be burning in our homes.

If you get headaches, a runny nose, or are scent-sensitive (scent-sitive, if you will) to candles, that is often a reaction to the petroleum.

Ebony & Ivory makes 100% soy candles that burn clean, are non-toxic, and are completely free of petroleum byproducts. No paraffins, phthalates, or petroleum.

Whether you’re looking to make your cold evening cozy with a soft scent, freshen your home up during the long winter months, or add a Big Booty soy candle to your decor, Ebony & Ivory soy candles can give it to you.

For those of us with commitment issues, try out our tea light soy candles. If you can't find answers to your questions on our website, contact us!

I hope to see you around here again!


Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

P.S - We can deliver candles to your door monthly with our subscription service if you like receiving presents year-round like me.


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