Collection: Aries

Aries March 21st - April 19

An Aries would be drawn to "Almost Famous" for it's dynamic blend of amber, Egyptian musk, citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine, and warm woods, all of which reflects their vibrant personality. The invigorating citrus and floral notes align with Aries' lively nature, while the warm amber and musk offer a touch of boldness to appeal to their confident spirit.

For "Beth," an Aries will find the wild flathead cherry's sweet intensity paired with the cedar wood and amber to be a perfect match for their spontaneous character. The combination of fruity and earthy elements resonates with an Aries' dynamic and outgoing tendencies, creating an atmosphere that compliments their fiery energy. 

"Hagrid's Hut" with it's mahogany, bergamot, and soft musk is tailored for an Aries' bold and adventurous side the robust woodsy notes evoke a sense of exploration and strength, while the subtle musk adds a touch of mystery which aligns with an Aries' fearless nature.