Do Eco-Friendly Luxury Candles Exist?

Do Eco-Friendly Luxury Candles Exist?

Do eco-friendly luxury candles exist? Absolutely, they do! Ebony & Ivory luxury candles use eco-friendly ingredients and pour each candle by hand.

While yes, you can find candles with a label calling it "green" in the grocery store, often that doesn't mean anything (check out the term 'greenwashing').

Let's take a journey through the production of Ebony & Ivory candle-making so you know why we dare call ourselves eco-friendly.

When it comes to choosing our ingredients, we always pick 100% soy wax from local farmers. Soy wax burns cleaner, making it safer for your family. Burning paraffin candles releases a cancer-causing toxin into your home, waiting to be breathed in by you, your pets, and your loved ones.

Ebony & Ivory luxury candles are completely and truly eco-conscious. We put time and care into the ingredients we choose. And we prioritize using only clean ingredients.

If you've got vegan friends with a present-giving occasion coming up, Ebony & Ivory candles are completely vegan and make lovely gifts!

The soy wax is made from soybeans that are free from petroleum derivatives. The soy wax we use supports cleaner products in your luxury candles.

So, for the eco-conscious, this candle supports the luxury of living without intoxicating your home.

And because they're so clean, you won't react to that nasty paraffin exhaust.

If you find yourself reacting with a runny nose, headache, or skin condition flare-ups, it might be because of the paraffin in the candle. Switching to candles free from paraffin and phthalates can eliminate your reaction.

So check out the (best-smelling) eco-friendly luxury candles at Ebony & Ivory.

Because we are a smaller-scale business, we have the luxury of creating new luxury scents for our customers at our whim. We have new projects on the go almost all the time!

After being poured, we send them to local wholesalers or put them online. You support small businesses when you buy local. We carefully craft each candle to perfection, making sure we achieve. Your support in a small business makes a whole lot of a difference for us, and we value each customer.

For our commitment-o-phobes: Don't worry! We have mini luxury candles that you can try out before committing to the 64-ouncer. Or, if you want to ask us questions, send us a message.

Smell ya later 😜


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