The Ultimate Candle Care Guide: Tips for Maximizing Burn Time & Enjoyment

The Ultimate Candle Care Guide: Tips for Maximizing Burn Time & Enjoyment

Ebony and Ivory Candle Co. is well known in southern Alberta for our luxury soy candles, but that is not all we have to offer. We have quality candle care products that give you the best candle burning experience.

Our wick dipper allows for you to extinguish your candle without any smoke. It also preps your wick for the next burn. Use the curved end to dip the wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame, and then use it to straighten the wick back up ready for the next use.

Our USB rechargeable lighter is an eco-friendly alternative to your typical disposable lighter. This USB lighter comes with a charger, and will last you a lifetime.

Our candle tray allows you to burn your candle without worrying about causing heat damage on your table top. It’s the perfect size to place an 8 oz candle, or hold all of your candle care gadgets. 

Trimming candle wicks is essential for proper candle care. Trimming the wick prevents the risk of the candle tunnelling and allows for a cleaner burn. Before lighting the candle you should always trim the wick to ¼ of an inch above the soy wax, this will allow for an even burn. The best way to achieve this is with a Wick Trimmer, the trimmer looks similar to regular scissors but with a horizontal flat end that will remove the wick debris without it getting in the wax, allowing for a cleaner burn experience.

 Candles have memory, the first burn of a candle is crucial and should not be overlooked. If a candle is extinguished too early the candle will begin to tunnel, meaning the wick begins to burn straight down instead of creating a pool to the edge of the candle. This leaves a lot of excess wax that doesn’t get burned and is wasted. If this happens you can fix it by making an aluminum foil tent. Wrap the foil around the candle making sure it's folded over the top of the wax with an opening in the center so that the wick can burn properly until the wax melts evenly to the edge of the candle. After that you can remove the foil and enjoy an even burning candle.

To avoid tunnelling and having to fix it, it is your responsibility to make sure you let your candle burn. Make sure you have enough time to burn your candle all the way to the edges. Never leave your candle unattended. We recommend burning your candle for 1-2 hours to get that even pool of melted wax. The approximate burn time for our different candles is: 8 oz 40 - 50 hours, 16 oz 80 - 100 hours, 64 oz 150-250 hours.

Now you are an expert on how to properly care for your candle, you can order all these candle tools online and in store at our Lethbridge AB and Medicine Hat AB locations.


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