Candle Refill Kits FAQ | Hand Crafted By You

Candle Refill Kits FAQ | Hand Crafted By You

I’m gonna go out on a limb here: you love candles. But maybe you’re done with store-bought candles, and it’s time to try handcrafting your own perfectly-scented candle in your ideal container using a candle refill kit. Below, we will go over our most commonly-asked questions regarding our refill kits.

What scents do your refill kits come in?

Our candle refill kits at Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. come in our top six elegant scents.

  • Almost Famous: Notes of golden amber, Egyptian musk, pink jasmine, and sparkling citrus. Light this one in an ode to self.
  • Berried In The Pines: Citrus berries and fresh spruce make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto a mountaintop.
  • Cozy Cottage: Escape the busy life with frozen pine, warm spices, soft vanilla, and sweet brown sugar.
  • Hangover Heaven: White tea + chardonnay + ginger + peach schnapps = bliss in a candle
  • Rich Bitch: Make your home an oasis with scents of oud, bergamot and a touch of smokey orange.
  • Sicilian Citrus: Citrus heaven realized with orange peel, lemon peel, lemon, and mandarin.

What supplies do I need in order to do this?

Our candle refill kits come with almost everything you need to complete the activity. All you need to bring to the table is a heat-tempered container that you want the candle to go in, a microwave-safe container, and a microwave.

What is a heat-tempered container?

A heat-tempered container is a container that you could safely put in the oven. For instance, pyrex dishes, ceramic mugs, and spent candle jars are perfect to use for your new candle. If you need to get rid of the last inch of wax in your candle jar, read this blog.

Can I add objects to the wax (flowers, beads, etc)?

Our candle refill kits come with everything you need. Please do not add any objects to the wax, as this can be extremely dangerous.

How hard is this activity? What ages is this suitable for?

We’ve had kids who are eight years old and older complete this project with little supervision! It’s a fun birthday party, girl’s night, or even a great self-care night activity.

How do I remove the leftover wax from an old candle first?

The safest way to remove the wax is to boil hot water and pour it into the candle jar. This will melt the remaining wax, which will float up to the surface and cool down with the water. Wait until the wax hardens and remove. Never stick a candle in the microwave!

How do I use the candle refill kit?

All of the instructions you need come with each candle refill kit, but we’ve answered this question in detail in another blog just to be safe.

If you have any more questions we haven’t answered, please reach out to us! We’d love to make sure your experience with your Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. refill kit is as fun and as smooth as possible. We’re so excited to meet another candle lover!

Catch you on the flippity,

Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

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