Luxury Candles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Luxury Candles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Luxury candles can really step up a home’s aesthetic. Whether you burn your candle or leave it as a decorative object, an Ebony & Ivory luxury candle is designed to compliment your home.

We only use 100% sustainable soy wax in order to create products that will burn clean. Soy wax is our fave, and we want to take some time to enlighten you as to why soy wax is the best wax for your luxury candles. Read on below!

Wax Ingredient

The ingredients that make up whatever candle you are buying will impact the luxury of your experience. Soy and petroleum are the most popular waxes used in candles, but they have drastic differences.

We source our soy candle wax from farmers, creating cruelty-free vegan luxury candles for our customers. We choose soy wax because it is the more planet-friendly wax option and gives you a longer burn time for your candles.

Paraffin wax is a direct byproduct of petroleum. When you burn a petroleum candle, you release toxins into your home’s atmosphere that have been known to cause cancer. And you do it every time you light a petroleum-based candle. A candle labeled “soy-blend” can have any amount of soy-to-paraffin wax ratio in order to be called a soy-blend. You might be getting only a drop of soy in a mostly paraffin wax candle, and there’s no way of verifying the ratio. Who knows what is being released into your home?!


Luxury candles can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and they can also have varying impacts on the environment. Depending on what type of wax is in the candles you purchase (and, as a result, which industries you are supporting), your impact on the environment will change.

Our soy wax is 100% sustainable. We ethically source all of our soy wax from farmers, supporting their family businesses. You can feel good while burning our luxury candles, knowing that your candle is supporting small businesses and family businesses. And, hey, the planet too!

By default, anything that contains petroleum or its byproducts is not good for the planet or sustainable. While this candle is potentially better (we don’t know how much soy wax is used in these “blends”), it is still not nearly one of the best options.

Our Favourite Luxury Candles

Ready to find your signature candle scent with one of our luxury candles? Ebony & Ivory candles have one thing you won’t find in a store: attitude. If that’s your vibe, take a browse through our top sellers.

Cozy Cottage: Embrace the comforts of the cottage with this luxury candle. Spice, brown sugar, and soft vanilla play around the scent of frozen pine.

Rich Bitch: Bergamot and smoky orange will make you feel as though you are walking through a room made of diamonds, gold bars, and oud.

Hangover Heaven: A refreshing scent of chardonnay and peach schnapps shaken with ginger and splashed over white tea will fill your home. We know it’s tempting, but please do not drink!

Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. is your sustainable, support-local business option for luxury candles. We promise you will not be disappointed by our products! Shop our candles, or reach out!

Wax on, wax off-

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