What’s So Special About Ebony & Ivory Candles?

What’s So Special About Ebony & Ivory Candles?

Hey there, candle buff. Is it time for you to find your next burn? Hunting for a new candle is one of the most fun parts of the candle journey. But there are so many Canadian candle companies out there: why should you be so inclined to choose one of the candles from Ebony & Ivory?

In short, there are 5 major reasons why Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. stands out among the rest.

  1. We are a small woman-owned business local to Canada, making candles straight from the heart.
  2. All of our ingredients are sustainable and non-toxic, and we do our best to avoid plastic waste.
  3. We do it all by hand: pouring, labelling, crafting—you name it.
  4. Our scents are unique and handmade to reflect moments in our lives.
  5. No matter where you live, we can ship to you.

It’s 2024: the year of the unconscious consumer has passed, and the world is all about supporting small businesses. Local to Lethbridge, Alberta, our small group of women work hard to pour perfect candles that our clients will cherish. When you buy from our small business, 100% of your support is used to help us pay our staff and make new candles we think you’ll love. Everyone at Ebony & Ivory is hands-on.

If that’s not enough, we source our soy wax from sustainable farms to help us create a cleaner-burning candle. The air in your home is a vital factor in your mental health: burning paraffin wax releases carcinogens like benzene into your home, which is known to cause cancer. We don’t like that at all, so we make all of our candles completely soy-based.

Let’s talk about scents. Are you bored of candle companies selling the same combination of scents with different names? At Ebony & Ivory, all of our candles are unique to us and are crafted purely from personal experiences we are trying to preserve. Some of our candles, like Berried in the Pines and Good Vibes, even come with a story behind the scent.

In addition to handcrafting each scent, we’ve also eliminated the guessing game of How strong will the scent be when I burn it? We matched the scent of the cold throw (the smell of the candle in-store, unlit) with the hot throw (the smell when you burn the candle at home). This way, you can rest assured that the candle stays constant.

We love a good laugh, a cheeky candle name, and getting to know our clients. We recently posted on Instagram about our intent to remove the plastic bottles from our cleaning product line, and we loved hearing back from you guys about it.

Want to show us your cozy candle corner? You can find us online or in our DMs.

Shop now for your next favourite candle (We really love Ray of F*cking Sunshine, currently). Smell them for yourself in a store near you, or order them on our website. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

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