What to Buy Candle Lovers that Isn’t (Another) Candle

What to Buy Candle Lovers that Isn’t (Another) Candle

Don’t buy your candle-loving person another candle if they tell you they have too many. There are other options for luxury, candle-related gifts that they will cherish just as much. While at Ebony & Ivory Candle Co., we specialize in crafting luxury soy candles, we also have candle tool sets to help care for your candles, wax melts for flameless homes, and even a candle refill kit that can make up a fun craft night. Whatever you think would fit your loved one’s lifestyle best, we probably have it at Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

First and foremost, if your person who appreciates a good candle doesn’t have a candle tool set, that’s the perfect gift. Our candle tool set comes with a wick trimmer, a wick dipper, and a gold candle tray. Trimming a wick will help a candle burn more evenly without leaving any wax behind. Wick dippers eliminate the need to blow out a candle, which leaves behind a strong burning sensation instead of the pleasant aroma that the candle worked hard to produce.

For crafty candle lovers, try out a candle refill kit where the person will get the chance to create a candle themselves, perhaps for the first time. There are six different scents that cover a vast range of profiles, ensuring you will find something for everyone. This kit comes with instructions and is very simple to use. Great for anyone over the age of 8!

If they aren’t the crafty type but love to read or have a drink of wine in the bath, perhaps a bath buddy kit might be up their alley. Coming in four relaxing scents, these kits come with everything you need for a calming bath experience. Mini candles, bath bomb, matches, and a reusable gift bag!

So there you have it—three gifts that aren’t another candle but a thoughtful gift that they will actually use. We firmly believe that all regular candle burners should have the correct tools to maximize the luxury that comes with these handcrafted items. High-quality candles deserve high-quality tools that help you experience more from each burn. For their birthday this year, help the person you love get more from the things they love through candle tool sets or refill kits.

That’s who we are at Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. We truly believe in creating candles that will help people like you to bring elegant scents into your home, no matter what kind of home that may be. Each candle is made from pure soy wax, which is a more sustainable alternative to paraffin wax. We hand-make each candle, ensuring you are sourcing your luxury candles from an ethical source.

Read more about our sustainability here, or start shopping for the candle tool set now.

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