The Best Candle Scents For Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Candle Scents For Each Zodiac Sign

Based on what your zodiac sign is and the characteristics that come with it, we’ve curated a list of candles by Canadian candle company Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. that we think you’ll enjoy. From brown sugar to lavender buds, our candles each have a time and a place. Take a look!


Aries are generally energetic and lively, charismatic and driven by the heart. We think Almost Famous is what you’ll fall in love with. Almost Famous has bold scents like pink jasmine, Egyptian musk, and citrus to align with your confidence.


As a Taurus, you are drawn to exciting new adventures but also a sense of comfort. For these reasons, we think you’d love Cozy Cottage in its soft vanilla, frozen pine, and sweet brown sugar. Imagine the smell you note after a long day of hiking in the mountains while you’re curled up in blankets in a small cottage.


Geminis love a good variety. Your ability to carry on multiple projects and stimulation leads us to believe that Sicilian Citrus would be your go-to candle. Orange peel, lemon peel, vetiver and cedar green combine with more citrusy scents to invigorate your senses. Sicilian Citrus will speak to your vibrant energy and varying interests.


If you’re a Cancer, we highly recommend Lumos. The passion you feel will resonate with the euphoric freesia, warm cashmere, fresh blueberries, and crisp pomegranate. You’ll feel cozy while also getting in touch with your sensual side.


The fiery personality of a Leo leads us to believe you’ll love our Apple Cider candle. This candle takes the spotlight with notes of cinnamon and clove bundled in warm apple cider. If you’re looking to boost your vibrant and energetic nature, this is the candle for you!


The precision and tranquillity that a Virgo needs can be found in La Di Da Spa. You can find the calm you need with the smell of lemongrass and citrus combined with floral and marine undertones. Use this candle to align and relax.


Libras need a little Mountain Fir in their lives. Fresh fir trees fill your living space with a breath of the outdoors, bringing nature to you. This candle is the perfect way to connect with nature in your own home.


A Scorpio’s intense and passionate personality is only matched by Amazing Grace. Ground yourself with lavender and cedar, and make your room a serene place to delve into your inner desires.


Sagittarius is the sign of someone who needs the Cinnamon Bun Buns candle. Your sweet tooth will love the sweet sugar, cinnamon spices and smell of warm dough. Satisfy your need for comfort and delight with this lovely candle.


The ambition of a Capricorn matches well with Rich Bitch. Bergamot, oud, and orange zest will help you get in touch with your passion for practicality and ready you to take the next move in your life.


A free-spirited Aquarius is bound to love Morning Wood. They will appreciate its rich scent of amber and other earthy notes that match their creative side. Dive into who you really want to be with this fresh candle.


Refresh your Pisces character with Hangover Heaven. Luxurious scents of peach schnapps, chardonnay, ginger and white tea are relaxing as much as it is dreamy.

Let us know if we were right! A local candle company in Canada, Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. has a candle fit for everyone. Shop our candles now!

Your starry-eyed lover,

Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

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